How to Frame your Shame for Personal Growth

Everyone has shame surrounding some aspect of their lives, because, let’s face it, despite how we portray ourselves to the world, none of us is anywhere near perfect. All of our pain points are different, and all of our weaknesses bother us to different degrees. If you have had the courage to share your shame […]

The Importance of Knowing your Personal Brand

Ever since I started researching the blogging world 2 years ago, I have been constantly bombarded with posts and opinions about Branding. Branding your business, branding yourself to help advance your career, Brand visuals vs. Brand identity, et cetera et cetera. As moms with businesses of our own, this topic is especially important because of […]

The Importance of Focusing on Balance Over Time

I was on Periscope the other day, taking part in a scope conversation hosted by the fabulous Devan Danielle in which she was focusing on the meaning of balance. It was a great conversation (her scopes always are), and it really got me thinking about work/life balance for small business owners, specifically about how balance means […]